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cara mengunakan Program PowerLed 2.77

LED Software Operation Manual

1.Installation Software

1>.Click ”powerled.exe” on the CD-ROM to setup the application!

Program power led


2> Choose the install language,click “English”, as below.

power led






2.Software interface

1> Software Overview

Software during normal operation of the interface shown in Figure 3, mainly by the

“Tool area”,””Program List”,”set area”, “Editor area “,”Preview area”, five parts.

Program Power Led







Figure 3 the software main interface.

①    Tools area

Program LEDdisplay

1>    ,Find information on the control card

Geratis Powerled

2>,Add to the list of programs in the display

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3>, Add analog clock

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4>. Add a digital time

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5>, support bmp, jpeg and other image formats.

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6>,Used to add animated text

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7> ,Adding a document for forms

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8> ,Adding temperature and humidity display (temperature and humidity module must be added)

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9> .,use to add count down.

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10>, ,Add document window

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11>,Delete the current program or the information window

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12>,Make the computer and control cards time synchronization

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13>,make the LED screen blackout

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14>,Adjust the display brightness, the brightness can be time-change, or a grade of brightness throughout the day.

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15>,Export the edited content to the U disk.

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16>, Send edited content to the control card.

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②    Program List

Program list column used for program management,it is including this:

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.In the program list ,you can add any type of a program ,if you need. You can add up to 200 different programs.

As shown

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③   Editor area

Different types of programs has different editors area, its location is generally in the lower right foot. A typical window, such as: TEXT type of program..As shown.

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④    set area

You can set the program according toyour own need in the settings area, you can set the program location, size. Broadcast time effects, playback speed and other characteristics.

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Preview area

LED software preview window is an important part of control software, which simulates the actual display basically the same as display effect

Preview: program editing is completed in preview window shows the effect of a single observation.

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>: The 4 steps for use software

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Send programs by button


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